1.0 EnergySW and OVO

Who is EnergySW?

EnergySW is the brand name of a partnership between AdvantageSW and OVO Energy (OVO). Together we will offer competitive dual fuel energy tariffs in the local market place. We aim to offer a no-nonsense, competitively priced, customer focused energy service to residents in AdvantageSW properties. EnergySW is owned by AdvantageSW and managed and administrated with the help of our partner energy supplier, OVO.


What’s your relationship to OVO? 

EnergySW is run by AdvantageSW and will be managed and administered by AdvantageSW with the help of partner energy supplier, OVO. OVO provide all energy services from billing to buying the energy to customer services. AdvantageSW controls the tariff and the marketing of the EnergySW tariffs. 


What’s your experience in providing energy? 

Our energy partner, OVO has over 6 years’ experience of providing energy in the UK and over half a million customers. OVO have won numerous awards for their customer service and recently became uSwitch Supplier of the Year 2014.. 


Have you ever done this before? 

EnergySW is pioneering a new way to supply local residents. We want to bring more competition to the market and give residents more choice. OVO has partnered with AdvantageSW to provide energy to their customers and bring the necessary operational experience to allow EnergySW to offer one of the cheapest tariffs in the market. 
What is the benefit to my community?
Residents get access to one of the cheapest tariffs on the market. AdvantageSW is not making any profit on the tariff to make sure you get the best value possible. The money saved from the tariff can be re-invested in the local community.


How do I know you won’t raise your prices a lot next year? 

Our aim is to always offer a competitive tariff at the lowest possible price. We watch energy prices closely to make sure any savings can be passed on to you. We exist for this very purpose. We work on a cost reflective basis, so this means prices may sometimes need to go up, but whenever we can reduce prices we will. EnergySW has been created to bring more local control to energy bills. We guarantee to keep costs as low as possible. Can anyone sign up? As EnergySW is funded by AdvantageSW it is only available to their residents. We hope to expand this later on. 


What is the Warm Home Discount and do you offer it?

Yes! The Warm Home Discount is a government-run scheme that provides a one-off £140 payment (including VAT) to help customers pay their electricity bills and keep warm through winter. 

Through the council's partnership with OVO, Energy Southwest residents have access to OVO's Warm Home Discount scheme.
The 2017/18 scheme is now open, so if you think you’ll need the discount for the coming winter, register here. We’ll let you know how your application is coming along within 5 days of receiving it. 


Is EnergySW a Collective Switching scheme? 

EnergySW is not a collective switching scheme. EnergySW is a partnership between Advantage SW and a single energy supplier, OVO. It was designed and launched to ensure residents in the South West get access to a competitively priced tariff. Through EnergySW, Advantage SW has effectively taken on the role of being an energy supplier. Advantage SW and OVO set the tariffs that are being offered to customers in the area. “EnergySW” is the brand name of the tariff, wholly owned by Advantage SW, under which OVO will offer and administer the tariff on their behalf. We are not promoting OVO, we are promoting the “EnergySW” energy tariff in accordance with Ofgem guidelines. This initiative is to help tackle fuel poverty within the South West first and foremost, but is available to all who are interested in switching and who might save some money in doing so. 


What's changed in the Terms and Conditions? 

We’ve refreshed our small print, to make things clearer and reflect some recent changes.

What’s changing?
Our terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policy are now simpler and easier to read. We’ve introduced exit fees for some plans, introduced a discretion to stop ‘tariff hopping’, clarified payment options (including introducing a default payment method for pay monthly customers) and introduced credit checking. Here’s a summary of the changes:

Updated terms and conditions (Ts&Cs)

You can see our full Ts&Cs here.

Privacy policy
OVO takes care of a number of important things for us, including the privacy of your data. By signing up to be an EnergySW customer, you have agreed to OVO’s privacy policy. 

OVO has updated its privacy policy, by adding more information about how and when we’ll contact you, how you can change or update your preferences for contact and how you can access, delete or correct personal information we hold about you. The updated privacy policy also includes updated information about what cookies we use, how we use them and how you can opt out. View the new privacy policy here.

Refund policy
OVO also looks after your account, and its refund policy applies to you as an EnergySW customer. We wanted to let you know that OVO has also updated its refund policy. It’s now much easier to understand when you can claim a refund, and what you need to do to claim it. We’ve updated the rules on the minimum balance of credit you need to keep in your account as a pay monthly customer – at least 1 month’s direct debit in the summer months and 2 months’ Direct Debit in the winter months – and also confirmed the minimum amount of credit we’ll refund at any one time. View the new refund policy here.

What do you need to do next?
If you're happy with these updates, there’s nothing you need to do – just be aware that the new policies, terms and conditions apply from 27 June 2016. 

If you’re not happy with the changes, you can leave before 27 June 2016. To do this, choose a new supplier and ask them to switch.

If you sign up to a new contract with us or roll onto a variable contract with us from 10 May 2016 onwards, these new terms will be effective from the start of your contract.